Who We Are...

Thank you for visiting our site.   KLONE is your partner to organize best practices across your organization.    Through a combination of software, services, and expertise:

  • KLONE works with clients to identify, capture, and share best practices across their organization. KLONE provides a best practice management solution to support all aspects of your organizational development activities.
  • Through our mix of services KLONE helps clients identify and capture departmental best practices, situational information, standard questions & answers, procedures, checklists, and role specific expectations to reinforce optimal team performance.
  • Many clients utilize KLONE to document internal best practices, however, other applications include supporting customer service and educating distributors or partners with the latest information to support their performance.
  • Employee Engagement is an often referenced phrase spoken in all corners of a business. KLONE encourages feedback from employees to uplift or improve internal business processes and operations. It’s more than capturing an email or a suggestion. For all best practices, situational responses, Q&A, procedures, or checklists shared by leaders and managers, employees can offer comments and improvement recommendations.

For more information on KLONE and how we can benefit you, please reach out to us through the CONTACT page.   We look forward to speaking with you soon.