KLONE Documentation

Glossary of Terms

Product Families

KLONE QUERY: Public viewer for external browser access to Questions & Answers on best practices and situational responses. Frequently Asked Questions are captured and shared to all through KLONE Query.

KLONE IQ: Internal / employee viewer. Designed for access within a company’s firewall.

KLONE ORGANIZER: The Umbrella solution for organizing and maintaining all content within KLONE. Logging into KLONE is logging into the KLONE Organizer where client ADMIN(s) have rights to add and maintain content across all functional components: Best Practices, Situational Responses, Documents, Checklists, Helpful Links & Resources, User Profiles, etc. Additional functionality for managing “incoming engagement” with employees (Users) is also presented as part of the ADMIN Dashboard.

Content Types

BEST PRACTICE: a best practice response for a given organizational topic to reinforce learning or the right performance expectation.

SITUATIONAL RESPONSE: within an organization are standard questions everyone will ask. SR is where the questions and answers are stored to facilitate and reinforce learning and ongoing performance.


SUGGESTION: A feature for User Roles to make business improvement suggestions where ADMINS or MANAGERS can review as part of incoming engagement.

INCOMING ENGAGEMENT: Users can provide feedback and suggestions based upon their experience to uplift or improve a best practice or situational response. That feedback shows up to an ADMIN / MANAGER as “incoming engagement”, where an ADMIN or

DOCUMENT UPLOAD: when a client has documents they want to maintain, ADMINs convert these documents to a PDF format before uploading through the menu option. Documents can be accessed and viewed through the DOCUMENT UPLOAD function or through the GENERAL SEARCH feature on the header of the KLONE screen. All documents can be assigned or linked to a Best Practice or a Situational Response or a Category (NOTE: category assignment is not yet functional).


CATEGORY: Represents a simple way to group, organize, or develop a scheme for managing content assignments. For example in searching, I may only want to see content associated with a specific CATEGORY instead of all content.

BATCH UPLOAD: enables ADMINs to upload content for Best Practices or Situational Responses from a predefined format developed by the KLONE team. This ensures clients have the ability to collaborate on content they want to add to KLONE, review or refine to approve before uploading. Batch Uploading is supported within each of the content sections, e.g., upload Best Practices within that section or Situational Responses in that section.

JOB TYPE: Represents a method to organize what content applies to a job or assigned role. This ensures USERS only see the content associated with their respective JOB TYPE.


  • ADMIN: has full functional capability to manage, approve, add, or delete content. Has USER PROFILE management functionality as well.

  • MANAGER: for larger customers, USERS are assigned to a defined manager. This enables MANAGERS with the responsibility of managing “incoming engagement” for their team. Should a manager not be assigned, incoming engagement defaults to the ADMIN. Can publish, edit, delete, or coach (providing a response to explain why this suggestion or feedback cannot be applied or is not accepted).

  • USER: A user is assigned by the ADMIN, is cross referenced to a JOB TYPE, and is assigned to their MANAGER for grouping access to content. USERS only see the content for which their JOB TYPE is assigned.